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Tutoring Can Make A World of Difference

I had the privilege a few years ago of speaking at the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors professional day. The group I spoke with were all specialists in the Orton Gillingham multisensory teaching approach and with a huge commitment to helping learning disabled kids. I have personal experience with this program and recommend it often to families whose children are struggling with reading comprehension, dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and other learning difficulties. They all specialize in personalized, one on one programs and the difference they make is astounding.

I had the opportunity of speaking to many of the over 70 participants through the course of the day and was struck by their sincere love of what they do. Many are teachers who retired from the classroom and are now continuing to work with kids at home. After I made my presentation on the connections between diet, learning, and behaviour, many of the tutors seemed to experience ah-haa” moments. They realized that many of their students experienced several of the symptoms I spoke about. I am hopeful that many of them will consider diet adjustment as part of the program that they offer to their students to help them maximize their ability to learn and thus realize their potential.

If you have a child who is struggling at school and feeling unsuccessful, I encourage you to seek out one of the many Orton Gillingham tutors in your area and have your child assessed.

Evans Food Sensitivity
Assessment for Children

by Margaret Evans, RN, BScN, CPCC

This assessment allows you to determine if your child’s health or behavioural conditions are being caused by food sensitivities, how to determine what their trigger food is, and includes sensible guidance on implementing dietary changes.

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Evans Food Sensitivity Assessment for Children

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