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I Am Just A Boy Who Wants To Be Loved

I love this picture. Everyone just wants to be loved despite their idiosyncrasies, challenges, and mistakes but no one more than a little child just trying to find their way. Kids with food sensitivities can have symptoms that make them sensitive to sounds, smells, bright lights or crowds. They might have difficulties learning or find it challenging to share and play fair but they are just kids and deserve to be loved, no matter what. I took this picture from a friend’s link on Facebook and think it deserves to be shared.

Evans Food Sensitivity
Assessment for Children

by Margaret Evans, RN, BScN, CPCC

This assessment allows you to determine if your child’s health or behavioural conditions are being caused by food sensitivities, how to determine what their trigger food is, and includes sensible guidance on implementing dietary changes.

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Evans Food Sensitivity Assessment for Children

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