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Sleeping and Food Sensitivities

Are you like many parents who have infants, toddlers, or even school aged kids who don’t sleep through the night? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work? Have you hired a sleep trainer in an effort to find answers and found it helpful until the next time your child was sick and then all the ground you gained was lost.

As a parent, sleep deprivation is one of the most difficult challenges. Certainly, the sleep of newborns is erratic and unpredictable and all parents just have to juggle their schedule and sleep when they can. If your child continues to struggle to stay asleep for longer periods past the first few months of life, there is likely an underlying issue that is causing the problem. As a parent, we can unknowingly create habits that prevent our child from learning how to self-soothe and put themselves back to sleep when they stir but, in my experience, there is more to be considered.

If your baby or child has difficulty falling or staying asleep, it is highly likely that an undiagnosed food intolerance is to blame. Most children are very sensitive to any type of discomfort and are easily disturbed by a wide range of symptoms. If your child has a chronically stuffy nose, a gassy tummy, leg cramps, an irritable bladder, a chronic cough, is hyperactive and has difficulty settling or is extremely anxious when left alone in their room, exploring the idea that a food intolerance is to blame is important.

My simple, accurate, and inexpensive tool helps you quickly determine whether or not a food might be at the root of your child’s problems and correctly identifies the offending food. The EVANS FOOD SENSITIVITY ASSESSMENT TOOL (EFSAT) is available on my website both for purchase and immediate download. My full length book is also available online to help you find some additional resources to help make the changes in your child and your family’s diet a little easier.

Don’t struggle any longer with sleepless night and exhaustion during the day. You deserve some sleep and your child deserves relief from the bothersome health, learning and behaviour symptoms that are impacting both their sleep and their life.

Evans Food Sensitivity
Assessment for Children

by Margaret Evans, RN, BScN, CPCC

This assessment allows you to determine if your child’s health or behavioural conditions are being caused by food sensitivities, how to determine what their trigger food is, and includes sensible guidance on implementing dietary changes.

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Evans Food Sensitivity Assessment for Children

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