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Learning And Behaviour Challenges Can Be Related To Your Child’s Diet

Are you nervously sitting on the edge of your chair to see how your child adjusts to a new school year? Are you worried that their short attention span, uncooperative behaviour or recurrent ear infections will impact how the year goes? Food sensitivities affect both children and adults in a wide variety of ways. The symptoms can occur in any part of the body and they morph and change as the child grows. Perhaps your infant outgrew their colic but their ear infections, difficulty focusing or their trouble learning to read are all related to the same food. My clients are often told that their child will outgrow their food issues but this is most often not the case. If you or your child are starting the school year with a higher than normal anxiety about how it will go, take the time to purchase a copy of my new Evans Food Sensitivity Assessment Tool. You will learn accurately and simply, whether or not food may be contributing to the problem and, if so, what the trigger food is. The form is easy to use and you will be able to find your answers in a very short time. There are also hints on how to make the changes in your child’s diet as well as suggestions to help you stay motivated as you go. Your child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. Don’t let another year slip by before you search for some answers.

Evans Food Sensitivity
Assessment for Children

by Margaret Evans, RN, BScN, CPCC

This assessment allows you to determine if your child’s health or behavioural conditions are being caused by food sensitivities, how to determine what their trigger food is, and includes sensible guidance on implementing dietary changes.

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Evans Food Sensitivity Assessment for Children

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