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“Marg gave me my daughter back.”

“Marg gave me my daughter back. I am not trying to be dramatic when I say this… it is simply the truth.

As a young girl our daughter would complain about stomach aches and have diarrhea. I would take her to the Doctor and they would make vague suggestions that simply seemed unclear and with no support to carry it through. When our daughter graduated and left home she began to get sick even more frequently, big mood swings, frequent diarrheal, and no energy. She was not recognizable as our daughter after about a year. She went from being a person who maintained a very full schedule of music, sports, and top academic student to a person that could barely get through the day. She went to doctors and had various tests and tried alternative medicines as well.

It was not until we found Marg and the work that she does that we found some hope. There was practical help, knowledgeable information in layman’s terms and emotional support as Marg led our daughter through a life and health changing experience. The marriage of coaching and health consulting was like no other process I have been apart of! After about a week of following the diet that Marg suggested, our daughter was significantly better. She herself said she moved from about a 3 out of 10 to an 8 out of 10 in terms of her health. It did not take long to see that this was the gift that we needed. Our daughter now maintains a dairy and gluten free diet. She was able to conceive after struggling to become pregnant and their son is dairy and gluten free as well. Margs teaching, support and coaching have given our daughter’s vibrant life back and now it is effecting the next generation as well. Words cannot express my gratitude.”
– Faye Webber

Evans Food Sensitivity
Assessment for Children

by Margaret Evans, RN, BScN, CPCC

This assessment allows you to determine if your child’s health or behavioural conditions are being caused by food sensitivities, how to determine what their trigger food is, and includes sensible guidance on implementing dietary changes.

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Evans Food Sensitivity Assessment for Children

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